Marc Bradley

About Marc Bradley

I always knew I had a knack for entertaining from a very young age. Whether it was dancing around the living room with my mom to the great songs of the ’60s and ’70s or performing as class clown throughout my school years, making people laugh was in my DNA. Inspired deeply by music, I was destined to find myself engulfed in the heart of the nightclub business.

After thirty-plus successful years at the helm, I found myself at a crossroads. It was time to end the grueling nightclub schedule and enter the real world of nine to five, though the transformation would not be easy. From car sales to corporate retail, I tried it all. I even worked as a Corrections Officer for six short months, but that was definitely not my style.

And then it came to me—radio! I loved music and loved to entertain with a microphone, so this was a match made in heaven. I spent the next several years on-air for one of the top radio stations in the Midwest. It was also where the pen name “Marc Bradley” was born. Eventually, repeated budget cuts ended that great run, and at age fifty, I was back to the drawing board.

I answered the call by giving the hotel industry a go and, after four years of dedicated guest service, my heart told me once again it was time to make a change. And this time, I would hit the jackpot! My wife and I decided with the kids all grown and gone, we would make the move to our dream destination—Florida! And it was there, relaxing on the beach, that God spoke to me: “Bradley, it’s time for you to write that book.”

It was a story that I had carried with me my whole life—one of family dysfunction, alcohol addiction, witness protection, and much more.

And here we are. With my first memoir complete, the best is yet to come! With more writing, continuous blogs, and regular podcasts ready to roll, there is no doubt we are just getting started. I look forward to my next chapter as an indie author.

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